How SpiderDoor Technology Works

A kiosk in the pocket of the consumer...

The "Pay Bill" Function

  1. The PayBill function is a time saver for everyone. Not only is it simple for your customer but it saves costly time for your manager as well.
  2. This function shows outstanding balances for all units associated with the user.
  3. This function is designed for the tenant who doesn't want to use the auto pay feature that your software company provides. Two thirds of all clients want to choose the exact day, in which their payment is deducted from their checking account or credit card.
  4. The Paybill function is much simpler than going online to make a payment. It can be done from a customer's phone in two clicks. How much easier does it get?
  5. The Paybill function provides options to enable a customer to change their default method of payment. After the initial setup from the customer, their credit card information is stored and encrypted only on their mobile phone.
  6. From a management perspective, the paybill function reduces administrative hours.

Customers Give Us Thumbs Up On Operating The “Pay Bill” function

Move In button

  1. Your need for someone running the front office is reduced significantly. With this App, it will allow you to cut back on your hours of operation, which will in turn save you on your payroll.
  2. You will now benefit by having your units available for lease 24 hours a day.
  3. Obtain all customer information by using the SpiderDoor App.
    1. Name
    2. Age
    3. Address
    4. Email address
    5. Payment method
    6. Contact phone numbers
    7. Etc.
  4. Show your customers the pricing of each size unit.
  5. Allows the customer to sign their contract with an E-signature. Once customer confirms purchase, a PDF file of the contract will be emailed to you as well as the customer.

“Move Out” Function


  • This function may be your most important tab.
  • Customers move out every month without notification.
  • This tab allows the customer to get a refund of their deposit 3 days after your manager inspects the unit to make sure it has been cleaned out.
  • Example: A customer moves out on the 16th of a given month. By notifying you of their departure, the unit is now immediately available for rent again. At most storage facilities, the manager doesn’t find out until the customer is late and the manager physically goes to inspect the unit, which is usually going to be after the late notice has been applied. This is usually after the 10th of the month.
    1. Now you have 14 more days left in that month to rent the unit plus the first ten days of the following month. This is because your manager isn’t going to inspect the unit until your software pops up telling you the tenant is late.
    2. Do the math: A $136 unit pro rated over a thirty day period is $4.53 per day. Add those days up that you saved by knowing the customer moved out! That totals roughly 24 days.
    3. 24 days times $4.53=$108.72
    4. You just made an extra $108.72 off the fact of knowing the unit was available. Multiply that by ten units and you’ve made an additional $1,087.20
  • It just makes sense to make the departure easy for the tenant. Not to mention, he/she gets their ten dollar deposit back.
  • This process can be implemented easily throughout the year. Send email and text messages to your current customers often, reminding them that they need to use their App to move out and they will receive their deposit of $10. People will take the time to do it if they know they are getting $10 back. We personally give them an additional $10 just for telling us.
  • Bottom line, people are always in such a rush, it’s just quicker for the tenant to use the App rather than going by the office.
  • One important note; the App will pop up a notification on the customers smartphone every time the customer drives more than 1,000 yards from the facility and it will ask them if they are moving out followed by a yes or no! It’s that simple. The App is incredible.


The OpenGate function


  • The OpenGate function is a time saver for everyone. Customers love it!
  • No more reaching out your window to enter your 6 digit codes.
  • One touch and you are in the facility.
  • Customer hasn’t paid? No worries! When the customer accesses the button inside the App to open the gate, a screen will pop up asking them to make a payment in order to access the facility.
  • This feature will only function if you purchase our module. We have two options. Bluetooth module $300 + installation. Sim Card Module $700 + installation. (sim card is required)


“Report Issue” Function

  1. This function is a time and money saver for the owner.
  2. When a customer clicks on this tab, their smartphone camera pops up. It allows the customer to take a picture of the issue. After picture is snapped, it pulls up a window stating “Tell Us What The Problem Is”. This is where the customer will type a description of what the issue is. Then they click submit. The picture along with the description is actually sent by way of text message to the cell phone number(s) of your choice. This could be the management cell phone or the maintenance department’s cell phone for that particular location.
  3. This is a very simple process and it allows the management team to get right on top of the problem.
  4. People may be less likely to notify you when there is a problem if they actually have to go by the office or call the office. With this feature, it makes it a snap…especially after hours when your office is closed.
  5. Most importantly, the text message your management team receives will clearly state what unit is associated with the problem.

“Report Issue” Function is Great for Management of a Location