Frequently Asked Questions

SpiderDoor pulls your entire business into one place and allows the customer to easily take care of their business.

Will SpiderDoor generate new customers?

Yes. Having a mobile app will set you apart from your competition. You will now be able to rent units 24 hours a day, and will no longer miss another customer. In addition, if marketed correctly, city residents will know you have a mobile app and it could be the first thing they go to when they have self storage needs.


Will SpiderDoor work with my software?

Integration with Sitelink and Quikstor is complete. Yardi, Storedge, Storage Commander, Doorswap, and E-softsys will be available soon.

How does the gate work?

Operation of this function is dependent upon your gate software. If you have a Quikstor or Storedge keypad, the open gate feature will work instantly. If you have another gate operator, we have a means to make this feature work. We ask that you contact us for more details.

Is it really important to have an app for my business?

We have found through our own storage units that timely payments increased, management hours decreased, and customer satisfaction has never been higher!

Mobile Apps have become a way of life in the generation that we live in. You see mobile apps available for almost every business in every market. The need to adapt to please customers is a necessity in every business.

I already have payments set up through my website, why SpiderDoor?

The functionality, the ease, the quality, the efficiency all trump that of a website. Your app will be integrated and streamlined to make your customer’s experience the best it can be.

How are late fees addressed?

Your app will reflect the late fees that are setup in your management software. Note: If a customer is late, gate access will be denied until payments have been made.

Will this app allow me to reduce the hours my front office is open?

The hours your facility is open is a decision that can only be made by you! We can assure you that having a personalized app will clearly show you that you do not need someone on site as much as you have had in the past. Safeguard Storage has cut front desk expense by $55 every week.

I own multiple locations and want SpiderDoor for all of them, how is the setup fee applied?

The setup fee is a onetime payment of $899.00. As long as they all have the same name. If you have different names for each, the $899 fee applies to each different entity.

If I have multiple locations, how will the customer know which location to rent from?

Once the customer has your personalized app, they will be able to see all available locations, including the one they want to rent from. GPS has been implemented to automatically select the closest location to the tenant.

Is there a contractual agreement between SpiderDoor and myself?

Yes, the contract is solely based on the premise that when you decide to go with our service, you will agree to pay for units leased through the app until that customer moves out of your location. Otherwise, this contract is a month to month agreement which means you are welcome to cancel at any time. We believe in our product and once you've seen it functioning for a few months, you will not want to leave our service.

How quickly can my SpiderDoor app be up and running?

If your management software is currently compatible, your personalized app will be available in the app store in less than 7 business days.

Who do I contact if I am having issues with my App?

Although we have gone to extreme measures to ensure reliability, accidents and glitches happen. One call to SpiderDoor headquarters and our excellent customer service team will address your problem right away.