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Fill out all information below. (Please note: Your business logo and rental contract document need to be uploaded to this form. It will be implemented into the personalization of your app.)

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  1. Our contract agreement can be filled out below. Note, it is a month to month agreement! Scroll down to fill out information pertaining to your self storage business.
  2. Email us a vector file or PNG file of your logo. Please make sure the background of the logo is transparent.
  3. Give us your location information to tie your database into the app.  (Click here for multiple locations) or (Click here if you have a single location) An excel file will be downloaded. Use that file to input your information.
  4. We will need a copy of your current blank contract agreement for each location (Simply copy it from your software and paste it in to a word file and save. Forward that to me. If you are a SITELINK user and you currently use e-sign , we do not need a copy of the blank lease agreement)
  5. You need to create API credentials to tie your database in to our server. (Click here and watch the video) to better understand what is needed.
  6. Fill out recurring Payment Authorization Form and sign it. Email it back to us. (Click here for recurring form)


If you have any trouble whatsoever, feel free to call us at (205) 966-9894.

Send all docs to

We will immediately get started with your personalization as soon as all the above are completed.

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  • The owners email will not show up on App anywhere. All information from App will be forwarded to this email address.
  • The owners cell phone will not show up on App anywhere. This number will be used only for sending a daily total of Move Ins and Move Outs.
  • Select the software used at your Self Storage Location!
    E-Sign is where your customer signs their lease agreement digitally and it is then served using Sitelinks servers.
    Does your manager lock units that are currently available for rental? This is crucial as a unit can't be used immediately after it is rented if it is rented after office hours. If your available units are Red Locked, the manager will be sent a text message as well as an email immediately when a unit is rented using the App. The customer using the App will be notified.
    If you would like the gate feature to work, a one time fee of $550 for the module plus $25.00 per month is required. It functions using cellular service.
    If your customer is due on the first day of every month once they are moved in, they are considered "First Of Month." If your customer is due on the same day they moved in every month thereafter, your site is considered "Anniversary Date"
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    This Logo will be used on your Personalized Login screen. Please note that PNG. files will work best if you would like the background to be transparent.
  • Accepted file types: word, doc, docx.
    NO PDF FILES. This contract will be implemented in the body of your App. Customer will digitally sign this agreement. (Please note this file needs to be in a word or doc. form and not PDF or picture form.)
  • If you do not receive the confirmation message within a few minutes of signing up, please check your Spam or Bulk E-Mail folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If so, select the confirmation message and mark it Not Spam, which should allow future messages to get through.